UGC Creator

Henna Artist

Rooted in heritage.

Dedicated to inclusivity.


For eight years, I've practiced henna, using this ancient ​tradition not only for self-expression but to unite people ​in moments of joy. My goal is to make henna widely ​available and inclusive, transcending occasion-based ​constraints, and promote its representation in ​mainstream media for broader visibility.

As a UGC creator and occasional pop-up artist in ​Edinburgh, I showcase henna with bold designs that ​connect. In today's visually-driven digital landscape, ​integrating henna into content holds significant value, ​adding authenticity and global diversity to a brand's ​image. Featuring henna underscores a commitment to ​inclusivity, cultural appreciation, and celebrating diverse ​traditions.

Immerse your brand in the captivating world of henna ​for a fresh content experience. I've collaborated with ​Elemis, Neom, Burt’s Bees, Daisy London, Monica ​Vinander, Ottoman Hands, Sally Hansen, DayDress, ​Dishoom, and more. Elevate your narrative with ​captivating cultural richness and bring a unique touch to ​your brand's visual story by joining this creative journey.

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