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Henna Artist

Rooted in heritage.

Dedicated to inclusivity.


For eight years, I've been practicing henna, using this ​ancient tradition not only as a form of self-expression ​but also to bring people together in moments of joy.

Henna is just one facet of my life that I love sharing, ​capturing small, meaningful moments that reflect my ​lifestyle and passions. My British South Asian heritage ​deeply influences my work, infusing it with rich cultural ​significance and personal stories. My goal is to make ​inclusive and interesting content and promote its ​representation in mainstream media for broader ​visibility.

As a UGC creator and occasional pop-up artist in ​Edinburgh, my work integrates seamlessly into the ​visually-driven digital landscape, adding authenticity and ​global diversity to a brand's image. I have loved working ​with brands such as UNIQLO, Elemis, NEOM, Burt’s ​Bees, DAISY London, Dishoom, Sally Hansen.

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